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Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Wait! They don’t love you like I love you
Wait! They don’t love you like I love you

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This day went from boring as hell with no expectations to shock of my lifetime and holy shit. I have mixed emotions. Ain’t catching no feelings.

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Small Brown Bike “Sleeping Weather” (ripped from vinyl)

I fall asleep to the breeze from your open window
And your computer screen lit the room just right
The last thing from your mouth sheds light
(Goodnight) You are the one who calls my arms
Wave from home and sound alarms
The want is angled from afar
And I don’t want to leave, especially with this breeze
(But my ambition teases me) This truth be known
I shout it in this song
My song to say forget where I’ve gone wrong
Times changed. I’ve changed
Now I feel like my life has changed
I lie awake to this long night
To separate me from my mind until the morning light just shines
Your words sound right
Cast these images to find
(I can’t sleep another night)


At 120 degrees, it was so hot in Australia that Koalas were asking people for water, something that’s never been seen before.






One Koala entered someone’s house, looking for water and shade, and here’s what happened when the owner gave him something to drink.





Save all the Koalas!

Omg koalas are such weird little animals I want fifty of them

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